What is Atlas Orthogonal?
Are NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal Treatments the Same?

NUCCA is a gentle, non-invasive upper cervical chiropractic and atlas chiropractic approach developed more than forty years ago. The focus of the NUCCA work is the relationship between the upper cervical spine (neck), the atlas (top bone surrounding the brainstem) and its influence on the central nervous system and brain stem function. Upper cervical chiropractic seeks to create an atlas orthogonal chiropractic alignment between these areas of the spine, which in science is termed the atlas subluxation complex, or upper cervical subluxation complex.

Also known as atlas chiropractic, upper cervical treatment upper cervical health care, upper cervical procedure or upper cervical specific – the NUCCA adjustment can affect every aspect of human function from the feeling sensations in your fingers to regulating hormones, controlling movement, and providing the ability to hear, see, think, and breathe. Both NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal and the Grostic technique are a gentle, hands on approach to better health.

Contact our Las Vegas, Summerlin or Henderson clinics to arrange a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for the NUCCA Spinal Correction, ArthroStim and/or Low Level Laser Therapy.

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