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Chiropractors In Summerlin: Treating Low Back Pain and Sciatica with ArthroStim

Chiropractic care is a treatment that has been used for years to help people with back pain and sciatica in the Summerlin region. But many people don’t realize that there are new advancements in the field, like ArthroStim, which has proven to be more effective than traditional chiropractic care alone. 

Maybe you are wondering what ArthroStim is. Is it safe? What does it feel like ArthroStim is a new and innovative treatment in chiropractic care that has been used to help people with low back pain? 

ArthroStim can deliver precise and gentle adjustents into areas with restrictions or nerve irritation due to injury or overuse. The patient feels some pressure on their skin from the device, which corrects misalignment, stimulates tissue repair and reduces inflammation through repetitive impulses without being invasive at all! In this blog post, we’ll talk about how ArthroStim helps you get relief from low-back pain and sciatica quickly and effectively!

What Is ArthroStim?

ArthroStim The ArthroStim Instrument, is a handheld machine with similarities to the Pro-Adjuster, Activator and Impulse devices, that aids in performing adjustments without twisting, high force or manipulation. This effective tool delivers 12-14 incremental thrusts per second, making it much faster than a typical single thrust administered by a chiropractor. By dividing the energy of a single thrust into rapid successive inputs, the ArthroStim Instrument modulates the force applied in treatment, but in highly accurate and comfortable application.

  • The device looks like a two pronged instrument which allows the doctor to make gentle, precise and complete adjustments to the neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees.
  • The ArthroStim works via pulsed direct ‘taps’
  • ArthroStim is also effective for treating your low back pain and sciatica. The muscle spasms caused by this type of injury often cause severe acute or chronic pain in the lower back and legs and difficulty walking or sitting comfortably because it’s difficult to get enough support from muscles that have been injured. 

With its ability to help restore mobility by reactivating muscle groups that have become inactive due to pain or injury, ArthroStim may be an effective tool.

In order to understand how an ArthroStim Instrument works, you must understand how chiropractic adjustments work. A chiropractic adjustment produces precise movements which stimulate ‘neural receptors’ in an injured/affected area. These receptors will then produce nerve impulses which transmit important information to the brain. The brain will process this information and use it to update its awareness about the condition of an area. Once the brain evaluates the changes prompted by the adjustment, it can begin sending out self-correcting commands to the muscular system, and other systems, to bring about healing within your body. The ArthroStim is a safe way to administer these adjustments, but it is faster, highly comfortable and efficient due to its controlled repetitive input. This input produces a ‘snowballing’ effect on neural receptors and allows it to transmit more information to the brain with less effort, pain, and force.

ArthroStim For Low Back Pain

The ArthroStim technique is often used by chiropractors summerlin when patients complain about low back pain relief because it’s been proven effective at relieving chronic discomfort from stressed muscles due to various reasons, like sitting too long without moving around enough. 

ArthroStim is a chiropractic technique that uses gentle impulses to stimulate nerves and muscles, promoting the healing of low back pain or sciatica.

This is best for your low back pain because it’s a long-term solution. This type of chiropractic care is common for patients who suffer from chronic pain and cannot afford surgery or receive inpatient treatment.

It can also be an excellent alternative to physical therapy because it offers one more way to work on your muscles without having to leave the comfort of your home. The Medicare system will cover some types of treatments such as these if they are proven valuable.

Procedure For Back Pain

  1. The chiropractor in Summerlin will perform a thorough health history, examination and take digital x-rays on your first  visit.
  2. You may feel gentle pressures, although the instrument can be tuned higher for those who need a more aggressive adjustment.
  3. Typically, there is little pain associated with this procedure, and it takes only minutes to complete each session.
  4. The patient usually has three sessions for one week before returning for another follow-up appointment. It’s best to commit themselves to come in once every few weeks or months without any setbacks in their treatments.
  5. Low back pain can be very debilitating for those who suffer from it, and even though there are many different ways to treat it, chiropractic care may just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

This type of chiropractic care is non-invasive and has no side effects, so it’s perfect for anyone with a low threshold for pain or discomfort. Our chiropractors also see young children, infants and older patients with osteoporosis.   

ArthroStim For Sciatica Pain

The ArthroStim technique has been useful for treating sciatic nerve irritation, which often leads to leg pain due to its proximity with the lower back region and spine area. This tool relieves nerve pressure from misaligned vertebrae when necessary during chiropractic checkups.

Chiropractor Summerlin offers items such as handheld instruments, gentle chiropractic and low level laser therapy. During this time, they’ll also be able to assess your spine with their hands for any signs that would indicate an underlying condition. Some of these include inflammation in joints (arthritis), narrowing along the spinal column, which can worsen nerve irritation, muscle spasms between vertebrae levels, and more.

The results are improved circulation in the area being treated, which helps reduce inflammation and provides relief from discomfort. This form of therapy can be used on its own for acute episodes or combined with other treatments like physical therapy sessions, medications, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.

Procedure For Sciatica Pain Relief

  • Chiropractic care can get to the root of your pain and help relieve it with a long-lasting effect.
  • If you have sciatica, chiropractic treatments are often targeted at the lumbar vertebrae L-l to reduce back muscle spasms, causing pressure on nerves running down from the spine. 
  • Many people find relief after suffering for years due to chronic low back or neck pain. The benefits extend beyond just getting immediate relief; chiropractors also teach their patients how to avoid future episodes of discomfort by changing their postures throughout everyday activities and developing good sleeping habits for better posture during sleep time.

How Does A Doctor Find Out If You Have Sciatica?

If you have sciatic pain down to your legs, a doctor will examine you for pinched nerves.  The exam consists of checking reflexes from each side of the body and testing strength in various muscle groups.

  • The chiropractor examines the spine by performing a chiropractic examination, including checking for any red flags like numbness and tingling. They will also check to see if there’s an imbalance in leg length or muscle tightness on one side of the body compared to the other side.
  • Suppose you are experiencing sciatic nerve symptoms such as pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling down both legs. In that case, you must visit with a medical professional such as a chiropractor right away to help diagnose what is going wrong and offer some treatment options for relief!

Here’s What You Should Do:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. They will examine the spine and help diagnose what is causing your pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling down both legs (sciatica).
  2. Visit your primary care provider in Summerlin if you’re experiencing intense lower back pain that’s interfering with daily activities. Dr. Devin Luzod, a chiropractor in Summerlin, may refer you to physical therapy to rehabilitate muscles around the low back while relieving associated inflammation.
  3. If these treatments do not provide relief, then it might be time to see a neurologist specializing in diagnosing and treating disorders involving nerves along the spine, including sciatic nerve compression syndrome, caused by herniated disks or spinal stenosis.

Final Thoughts

When you’ve been suffering from discomfort in your back, neck, or even through a leg like sciatica for too long, you may feel hopeless and won’t know what else to do. Chiropractic is one of those solutions that can make things much better quickly, with lasting effects extending beyond just getting immediate relief.

For all your needs in chiropractic care, the Spinal Care of Nevada team in Summerlin, NV offers a full range of services and treatment options in Summerlin. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, sciatica, headaches, joint pains from arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Devin Luzod has the expertise and knowledge to help you. Call us at (702) 566-4673 or visit our website for more information on chiropractor Summerlin and other services.

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