The use of X-rays in chiropractic care has been an ongoing debate for decades. Some professionals believe that it is necessary, while others see it as a dangerous and unnecessary practice. Although there are some risks involved with using x-rays, they can be used safely and effectively if done correctly.

With the help of modern technology and innovative new techniques, such as digital x-rays, patients can get a more accurate diagnosis in less time with fewer risks. At Spinal Care of Nevada, we offer digital x-ray imaging for all chiropractic needs.

Why Do Chiropractors Need X-rays in Chiropractic Care?

There is a debate among chiropractors as to the necessity of x-rays. Spinal x-rays are often categorized as “standard of care” on an initial evaluation. However, most mechanical dysfunctions present in a chiropractor’s office can’t be visualized and can easily be remedied with manipulative or mobilization treatments. It makes sense to start with some work from your local chiropractor before considering more invasive procedures like those performed at hospitals, where they’re usually necessary for diagnosis purposes only.

Chiropractors often have patients take x-rays to ensure that no dislocations, fractures, cancer, or other dangerous conditions are present. X-ray is even used before the chiropractor manipulates a patient’s spine for care and maintenance purposes. It has become increasingly clear that high-quality images produced by digital x-rays can reveal scar tissue and arthritis. It helps them understand the current health situation of the patient and determine the right intervention.

An X-ray can detect the following:

  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spine and Joint Problems
  • Spinal tumors or lesions
  • Disk degeneration
  • Bone Density

Benefits of X-Ray in Chiropractic Care

X-rays are the next technological advancement in healthcare, and they offer many benefits to patients. For starters, digital x-rays present fewer risks of radiation exposure for a diagnosis or treatment that is faster than ever before.

  • Uncovers Hidden Medical Issues – Digital x-rays are a great way for your chiropractor to get an inside look into the structure of your spine. You can take advantage of the higher resolution digital x-rays that are available today to get a clear diagnosis for any conditions.
  • Diagnoses – When something is off with your x-rays due to a positioning issue or your movement, taking another digital x-ray is simple. The results are instant. The faster procedures allow chiropractors to immediately address the area of concern. The faster diagnosis, the faster the treatment begins.
  • Lesser Radiation Exposure – Since the amount of radiation x-rays use is minimal, this minimizes your risk if you routinely have multiplex-rays taken. This can help to reduce your likelihood of developing diseases, such as cancer. In case you visit a chiropractor often and take more than one picture at each appointment, it is still safe.

X-ray provides chiropractors and medical professionals with critical information that helps direct treatment protocols or potentially referral options for patients.

Spinal Care of Nevada guarantees to utilize X-ray imaging to provide a more effective and appropriate chiropractic intervention for every patient. Call us today to find out how this can be beneficial for you.