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Ever thought about a painless yet efficient chiropractic care treatment? The NUCCA process is the right thing for you. It treats your back and neck pain hands-on without the risk of popping or twisting your body. 

How Does NUCCA Chiropractic Work?

There are many different chiropractic care treatments that can be tried. One of the most common is done traditionally and it involves popping and twisting your body to relieve pain in a particular area, but not all work this way – they may have NUCCA instead.

NUCCA is an acronym for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association established in 1966 which leaves behind its legacy as one of the promising chiropractor treatment you can try today when seeking relief from any type or severity of neck pain, back pain, limb problem with expert advice on how to use our spine correctly during everyday activities such as sitting down at their desk pushing up off against a chair while standing up straight-backed posture, working in the office sitting in the same position for a long period of time, etc., without straining muscles unnecessarily.

NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association ), performed by Dr. Devin Luzod, a Chiropractor in Henderson, is non-invasive, pain-free, and incredibly safe. 

So, how does NUCCA work?

NUCCA Chiropractic Process

If you are curious about how NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association ) works, its primary focus is to realign the bones and joints in your body. It corrects the misalignment of your upper cervical spine. To ensure that your doctor will do the proper realignment, precise and objective x-rays were conducted. It uses mathematical evaluation and measurements around your head and neck to detect the misalignment.

With proper x-ray analysis, our Chiropractor in Henderson can quickly identify the effects of your posture on your upper cervical misalignment. So, with the precise NUCCA technique, your pain problem can easily be solved. The precision of this measurement helps you financially, physically, and mentally because the chances of having repeated corrections are low. Know that your body can heal itself, and realigning your bones or bringing them back to their proper place promotes improvement and development. Chiropractic care treatment focusing on NUCCA techniques boosts your overall body function, especially your spine. 

Not all chiropractors can perform NUCCA. Only a small number of practitioners like Dr. Luzod can perform this treatment because it dramatically influences your whole spine and body systems. It affects the highest control of balance in your body, such as the central nervous system and the brain stem. 

For example, the donut-like bone located at the top of your skull known as Atlas surrounds your brain stem; it is also known as your C-1 vertebrae. When your spine is under pressure and stress, your Atlas tends to misalign. This process is also known as Atlas Subluxation Complex Syndrome. 

How Does NUCCA Work For Your Body?

The spinal column’s nerves are susceptible to any kind of pressure and stress. Every time your spine is misaligned, it causes strain to the nerves that compromise your normal impulses. It dramatically changes the functions of your body. The primary responsibility of your nerves is the following:

  • Manage and regulate the vital parts of your body like breathing, digestion, and blood circulation.
  • Activation of your muscles, giving them signals to move.
  • Allows you to feel, perceive, and use your senses properly
  • It helps you to manage external factors like behavior, learning, and experiences.

How to Find the Problem

A NUCCA Chiropractor primarily focuses on your head and neck. Mostly around your Atlas and the vertebrae below. Your spinal damage or injury causes misalignment on the structures that can result in:

  • Pelvic Distortion
  • Postural Imbalance
  • Leg Length disparity

You will notice the problem when you lie down, and your leg length is not equal to each other. Another evaluation is your shoulder height in relation to your posture. There is also a deviation between your head and other parts of your body. Another sign for evaluation is your range of motion.

Your doctor can also evaluate your weight distribution to analyze the root cause of the problem. They will also assess your nerve function and pelvic rotation. If your doctor sees signs of spinal misalignment with the examination, x-rays will be conducted. 

Another point to consider is that you will only be one of the patients under NUCCA care if your results reflect that you will benefit from this treatment. If there are alternative treatments to take, your doctor will advise you to do that. 

Note that x-rays only happen if the care itself was initiated. To ensure the precision of the treatment, the NUCCA doctor relies on x-ray measurement. The gentle contraction will help you redirect your neck and head to their proper place. It helps your body maintain its balanced and healthy position.

What usually happens when you go to a NUCCA chiropractor?

At Spinal Care of Nevada, you can have a deep sense of understanding about your condition. Chiropractors perform NUCCA with precision and according to your needs. 

Consulting a NUCCA chiropractor helps you manage your situation, conduct proper measurements, and provide individualized treatments that suit your needs. 

Here are the steps in your consultation:

  • The NUCCA chiropractor will ask you about your current condition (did you encounter any accident?), medical history, and the pain you are experiencing. 
  • Tests like X-rays will happen to assess your condition. It also helps you understand the gravity of the misalignment and what are the affected area.
  • The NUCCA doctor will give you a solution to your condition. They will inform you of the individualized treatment that can help you treat your pain. 

What Makes NUCCA Unique?

NUCCA comes with a precise measurement that ensures balance in your spine. It is used to correctly measure the imbalance in your body that needs treatment. It also helps you know the progress of your spine through follow-up sessions.

  • You will experience precise x-ray analysis, biomechanical and orthopedic measurements on your diagnosis, and especially your treatment. 
  • Computerized measurements are used in diagnostic testing. 
  • NUCCA is an organization that conducts researches that are acknowledged and published by medical journals.

How Does NUCCA Work as a Treatment?

Corrections and treatments that you will receive in NUCCA will help you have a gentle and light pressure. And you will only experience a subtle adjustment in the upper cervical region of your neck. And your doctor will perform treatments based on the x-ray results obtained.

The light pressure that you will experience helps you move your spinal bones carefully. You will not experience any scary twisting and pushing for the correction. This means that you don’t have to be concerned about any abrupt and rapid correction that can potentially cause trauma. buy modafinil australia reddit buy modafinil usa reddit  

NUCCA treatments take only a matter of minutes, and you will have a light and gentle pressure as the contact happens. 

Each individual has their own unique condition and needs, so it is essential to get the best correction. So to ensure the preciseness of the treatment, your doctor will conduct two x-rays. The x-ray result will provide your doctor the insights into how your spine responded to the session. You will usually get the x-ray after your first correction. However, it is essential to note that your correction must be modified, and additional or succeeding x-rays will only happen if medically needed. Note that successful spinal correction can efficiently help you fasten your recovery process.

What are the things to consider about NUCCA?

NUCCA has helped and assisted people of all ages in maintaining and regaining their health and finding relief from spinal pain. NUCCA treatment is a conservative approach to healing your body and sustaining your needs. It works hands-on in enhancing your ability to be free from disorders and pain.

If you doubt what NUCCA can offer, here are the primary considerations that can change your mind.

  • Spinal Care of Nevada gives you a thorough biomechanical, neurological, and orthopedic evaluation before conducting any NUCCA chiropractic treatment.
  • The popping and twisting approach is not applicable in NUCCA treatments. It ensures that you will only receive relaxing pressure to avoid putting too much tension in your body. 
  • NUCCA is a global approach and treatment that focuses on finding the root cause of the pain.
  • It is a non-invasive, safe, and relaxing way of correcting spinal problems. 

NUCCA treatment gives you an accurate, precise treatment in minor adjustments. They make sure that they consider your body condition to provide a precise adjustment that brings back your spine to its original position. It improves your body’s recovery process.

Also known as atlas chiropractic, upper cervical treatment upper cervical health care, upper cervical procedure or upper cervical specific – the NUCCA adjustment can affect every aspect of human function from the feeling sensations in your fingers to regulating hormones, controlling movement, and providing the ability to hear, see, think, and breathe. Both NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal, QSM and the Grostic technique are a gentle, hands on approach to better health.

About Dr. Devin Luzod, Your Trusted Chiropractor Henderson

Dr. Luzod is one of the promising chiropractors that is licensed to conduct various chiropractic methods. From ArthroStim to the NUCCA method. Note that medical research already takes into account the positive effects of spinal biomechanics. It is the baseline of spinal care. 

At Spinal Care of Nevada, you can be at ease knowing that they are following the proper process, practices, as well as guidelines for NUCCA treatment. It is one of the best ways to treat your spinal problems safely and painlessly. You can also have the evidence – x-rays to track the progress of the treatment. They help you understand the condition and propose individualized therapies that suit your needs.


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