Better Posture Starts with Healthy Feet

We may not be aware of it, but our feet play a big role in having a proper posture. A lot of problems involving posture may be due to the poor alignment in our feet, and because they support most of the weight in our body as well as keep its balance, any changes including deformities, skin problems, or injuries to it can have some significant effect on our posture.

Keeping the feet healthy is very important as it is the foundation of a complex musculoskeletal system relating to posture which is made up of ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. When one part is affected, everything else is also disrupted. Seeing your chiropractor in Nevada as soon as you sense that something may not be right with your feet can help prevent further damage.

Foot Deformities or Skin Problems That May Affect Posture

Any injury, skin problem, deformity or other factors that may affect the posture in a negative way include having a hollow or flat feet which is a condition where the foot is excessively rigid and is too arched, bunions which mean having a bump on a big toe’s side, and heel spurs which is a result of calcification and causes pain in the heel.

Other causes are hammer joe which is described as a contracture of the toe and causes pain in the toes, plantar fasciitis which is the rupturing or the stretching of the plantar fascia, and metatarsalgia which makes you feel that you have either pebbles or needles in your shoes and causes pain between the toes and the arch of the foot.

Because the feet are very sensitive to pressure change, any type of skin problem may have an effect on the posture. Some of these are calluses or corns which involve the formation of dead skin, heel fissures, and plantar warts which is lesion in the skin and is a result of a viral infection, and athlete’s foot which is a type of infection in the skin and is due to fungi.

Some other conditions that may also affect the posture are pain in the lower back, ankles, feet, hips, and knees, unbalanced pelvis, osteoarthritis, goose foot tendonitis, lower limbs that are asymmetrical, and arch of the back that is not normal.

 Feet deformation may be caused by different factors such as age, overweight, wearing of high heels or other foot wear that do not provide much support or shoes that are either too wide or too narrow. It may also be due to performing certain training strategies that are not suited to your feet, or can be because of hyper pronation or hyper supination.

What to Do When You Have Foot Concerns

As soon as you experience foot pain or notice that there is something that is not normal with your feet, consult your Nevada professional chiropractor so that your foot issues can be corrected right away. By doing this, you are not only relieving yourself of the pain but you are also protecting yourself from further damage that may affect muscle and joint structures, and could change your posture in a bad way.

To resolve feet concerns, there are several ways to help you feel better. You may use foot orthotics, do some strengthening exercises, and use proper shoes that are best suited for your feet. You may also try manual foot therapy and do not forget to do the right care for your feet. Pamper it by giving it some massage to free some tension.

You may also try adjusting your way of walking and walk barefoot! Your chiropractor can help you assess how you stand and check your alignment as well as offer tips on the right exercises to relax the muscles on the feet and build its muscle strength. 

How Can Chiropractors Help

No one is spared from suffering from a foot problem but there are some specific individuals who are more prone than others. These could be those who have excessive weight, older people, dancers, diabetics, serious athletes, and others who use their feet extensively.

Having foot misalignment can result in several concerns such as sciatica, tightness in the legs, back pain, sway back, disc bulges, knee pain, posture pain, etc. which is why visiting your chiropractor is the best decision when you start experiencing any issues in the feet. 

When you see your chiropractor, expect that some diagnostic tests may be performed on you and may include foot and gait function and they will also do a detailed history of your health and lifestyle to find out the root of your foot concern. The chiropractor will also try to move your ankles and feet to check the limitations of your motion’s range and identify what causes the pain in your feet. 

Once a proper diagnosis is done, they can determine the treatment plan that suits your situation best. Chiropractic adjustment is usually done to provide relief to the pain as well as to bring back the feet’s normal function. They may also suggest for you to use orthotics or shoe inserts and they may recommend some changes in your lifestyle and nutrition.

What is great about getting chiropractic treatment is that they do not only offer pain relief but more than that, their goal is to enhance a person’s general well- being and this of course includes the foot’s health. 

By having healthy feet, you also get to enjoy having a good posture which prevents you from experiencing damage to your other body parts such as the joints, ligaments, and muscles. When there are problems with your feet, you may also have a difficult time walking and this can have some significant effects to your back and spine as well. 

When your feet are not happy, other body parts such as the pelvis and the legs may also suffer that is why reach out to your chiropractor the moment you feel that something does not feel right about them. Get them treated right away so it won’t get in the way of your posture.

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