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Arthrostim vs. Activator: Which one is Better For Your Pain?

While chiropractic adjustments provide relief from various treatments, some chiropractors use special devices to help the adjustment. Some of the popular methods are chiropractic activators and arthrostim. Both devices use a gentle pulsing force to the spine to help correct it.

Understanding what each method offers and the process is vital for determining which device is right for you.

Arthrostim vs Activator: Which one is better for your pain?

For most patients who experience pain in their joints and spine, a chiropractic adjustment is the best method to eliminate this pain and discomfort. However, some patients may experience milder spinal or joint discomfort where adjusting can be too intense for their condition.

Chiropractors who use activators recommend them as an alternative to traditional adjustments because they are gentler on the body and provide relief without any major side effects.

Meanwhile, arthrostim utilizes gentle “taps” at 12-14 times per second in every cycle that will usually hold firmer than activator treatments over time but should still feel less invasive than traditional adjustments.

Both methods have been shown to offer similar levels of effectiveness with different benefits depending on your needs. For example, Activator treatments provide more comfort than traditional adjustments, while arthrostim treatments provide more precision.

For those looking for relief without any major side effects, the activator is always a good option to try before considering other treatment options like surgery.

Arthrostim may be best suited for patients who want faster recovery time and less invasiveness than conventional chiropractic adjustment methods.

However, both should provide equal levels of effectiveness when used correctly by an experienced professional. The Arthrostim device offers precise corrections or adjustments in a much quicker period, which will generally hold firmer over longer periods but still feels less invasive than traditional adjusting (activating).

On the other hand, if you are looking for more comfort without major side effects, the activator is a good option to try before considering different treatment options like surgery. The Activator handheld instrument delivers gentle impulse force to the spine to help with spinal pain, joint discomfort, and muscle spasms.

Is the activator chiropractic method effective?

Every patient has distinctive requirements for treatment. That is the reason why Spinal Care of Nevada offers both activator and arthrostim chiropractic techniques with the assistance and assessment of a well-versed chiropractor like Dr. Devin Luzod.

The activator device works more gently than traditional chiropractic adjustments providing relief from pains on the back, neck, and head without any injury or discomfort to your muscles. The gentle impulse force of the activator is applied through an instrument that can be held by hand while treatment takes place.

Patients who have had previous injuries often seek this more delicate approach for their care because they may not respond well to forceful treatments like manual manipulation techniques with rotational thrusts. 

This could lead to increased muscle tension throughout other body parts as you react reflexively to protect those areas where there were initial symptoms, such as constant lower back pain after being hit by a car accident.

However, these kinds of injuries are sensitive. If you have sustained an injury to your spine or suffer from chronic back pain, it is more advantageous for you to speak with a chiropractor about the best course of action to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

Since the Activator instrument delivers a gentle impulse force to the spine without any injury or discomfort, this device is very appropriate for patients who have had previous injuries.

Why do chiropractors use activators for your treatment?

Before your chiropractor settles on one treatment, they may use both an activator and an arthrostim. Then, the therapist will start with the gentler approach to see if that is enough for you. However, suppose your pain persists after the chiropractor has tried everything, including using an activator first. In that case, they might turn to more non-invasive treatments like manipulating the spine with their hands.

Activators are small devices loaded with springs that chiropractors use a low-force and quick pulse that aims directly on the area where you experience pain and discomfort. Since it does not tense your muscles, this type of treatment can be highly effective for sensitive people.

What is the ArthroStim method, and what makes it different from the activator method?

Arthrostim is an innovation that chiropractors use to improve your well-being. It’s also considered better than activators. This electric powered and hand-held equipment use a low-amplitude and high-velocity thrust type of manipulation. By doing so, it can move the joint that is significant enough for correction.

The Arthrostim method can’t be done by hand because you would not have enough force and accuracy with your hands alone. The activator has more of an impact in pain-relieving than does arthrostim, but they both work well in conjunction with one another since they serve different purposes.

ArthroStims are better used when there is minimal or no inflammation present. At the same time, Activators are best suited for mild-to-moderate degrees of inflammation where joints will still move after being manipulated manually.

It’s important to remember that these devices should only be used under professional supervision due to possible injury risks such as nerve damage.

Who is eligible for the activator and arthrostim method?

  • Patients who suffer from various types of lower back pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and spinal stenosis.
  • Patients who suffer from degenerative disc disease or herniated discs

Arthrostim is a device that provides excellent treatment options for elderly patients and individuals who are suffering from acute or chronic back pain. In addition, new patients that had just started with chiropractic care may check out arthrostim adjustments for a more comfortable treatment.

The activator works for patients who have no history of back pain or spine disorders, and these individuals are looking to improve their spinal flexibility. It is also beneficial for those who need adjustments but don’t want chiropractic manipulation’s rough touch.

What are the benefits?

The Arthrostim can be considered a quick fix for those patients looking for fast relief. But, at the same time, the activator is gentler and more focused on correcting imbalances in your body to reduce future problems. can i buy modafinil online in usa modalert to buy

  • Both devices are effective.
  • They provide a gentle and effective way to reduce pain and increase mobility.
  • Both devices are FDA cleared for use in chiropractic treatment.
  • The Arthrostim delivers a more controlled, powerful push that can be felt over an extended period. The activator is gentler.
  • If you want fast relief, the arthrostim might be better suited than the activator, which could take up to 30 minutes or longer before noticing any change or improvement.

If you have a lower back problem, it’s important to get your spine aligned properly as much as possible by using both therapies together, such as Activator with Spinal Traction Therapy.

If you’re concerned with how long relief will last – go with an arthrostim; otherwise, if you want something gentle and corrective- then go with the activator. Talk to your chiropractor about which method would work best for you.

Will your chiropractor adjust your spine manually or use another device?

Though chiropractic care typically involves a manual adjustment, there are other options available. One common method is arthrostim/accelerator therapy. Arthrostims uses gentle pulses to send signals through the body that stimulate muscles and nerves for relief from pain.

The main difference between an activator and an arthrostim is in how they work:

  • Activators produce impulses; this impulse forces bone into its proper alignment without significantly changing muscle tissue or nerve function.
  • Arthrostims generate smaller but more frequent pulse bursts of energy than Activators do, which can sometimes be perceived as uncomfortable by patients who have not been treated before with these types of devices.

Common health issues that activators and arthrostim can provide treatment with

Patients that have tried the holistic and effective healing approach of chiropractic care will find that they may use the activator or arthrostim when experiencing stiffness in their spine.

With the efficacy of these devices, it’s crucial to know what health issues and conditions they can provide treatment for. Here are the most common conditions that can be helped with:

These devices relieve pain, reduce stiffness in the spine and treat many other health issues, including degeneration of discs or joints, muscle spasms, and more.

Patients may also find relief by using an activator or arthrostim if they have a condition such as arthritis or osteoporosis, which causes inflammation (swelling) around their joint areas.

The pulsations these machines provide will help bring down swelling so patients can quickly experience significant improvements in their symptoms!

Chiropractic care does not just deal with back pain but can provide relief for many other conditions. Regardless if you choose activators or arthrostim, finding the most effective treatment is the goal.

With the reduction of pain that you experience, your chiropractor can help you find a new way of living that doesn’t include chronic pain. In addition, the benefits that these special devices offer has been clinically shown to be effective in many different health issues, making them a popular choice for those who want to experience relief.

Activator and Arthrostim treatment frequency

If you are one of the many who wonder how often activators and arthrostim should be used, here are a few recommendations for frequency:

As with any other form of treatment, the patient’s condition and severity of pain will vary. Therefore, it’s important to consult with your chiropractor about what is best for you. First, your chiropractor will assess your condition and establish your treatment plan.

When you are in a chronic state of pain, it’s recommended to use these devices every day for the best results. In addition: when patients first experience back or neck discomfort, they should consult with their chiropractor regarding frequency before proceeding any further. Finally, both activators and arthrostim must be used as directed by your chiropractic care team!

Final words

Overall, both methods can be very helpful in your specific situation, so you should speak with our doctor about which one will work best for your needs at this time.

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