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whiplash injuryWhiplash is a type of injury that occurs when the neck is forcefully moved back and forth. It is most commonly a result of rear-end auto accidents, and it causes a number of painful symptoms, including headaches as well as discomfort and stiffness in the neck. While whiplash injuries can happen to anyone, some people are more at risk than others.

Who is most at risk for whiplash injuries?

Generally speaking, the better your body is at stabilizing itself, the less likely you are to suffer whiplash. Therefore, you are more at risk for whiplash if your physical condition is poor, if you are unaware of an incoming impact, if you are over the age of 65, or if you are female.

While you may not realize it, your body has an automatic stabilization system that responds very, very quickly as soon as you become aware that you’re about to experience an impact. The muscles in your neck will quickly contract in order to protect your discs and ligaments from the impact. Drivers who can see a vehicle coming up behind them in the rear view mirror are more likely to be protected by this stabilization process, making passengers who can’t see the approaching vehicle more at risk for neck injuries.

This stabilization process is also more effective if your overall physical condition is high. Having a larger frame, stronger musculature and a well-functioning nervous system helps to ensure your body responds appropriately to an incoming collision. This can help explain why women are naturally more susceptible to whiplash than men. Because they tend to have less muscle mass in their necks, there is less protection, making injuries more likely. The same is true of people over the age of 65.

What can be done to recover from a whiplash injury?

Unfortunately, whiplash injuries are very common among drivers in the United States. More than 1 million drivers are affected by whiplash every year, and most injuries take place at speeds below 12 mph. Even seemingly mild impacts can result in chronic pain that can interfere with your ability to live your life. While in many cases there isn’t much to be done to prevent a whiplash injury, there are many options to address it. Chiropractic care is one such option.

The first priority after an accident should be to address any serious or life-threatening injuries, such as trauma to the head, significant blood loss, damage to internal organs, bone fractures, etc. If these injuries are not an issue, it is a good idea to get a thorough evaluation from your chiropractor so that he or she can assess the health of your musculoskeletal system. He or she will ask you to describe the accident in detail, perform a complete physical examination, and do any diagnostic imaging necessary to fully understand your condition. Depending on the results, your chiropractor will then work with you to build a treatment plan. This plan might include adjustments to help correct any alignment issues, massage and soft-tissue manipulation, laser pain relief therapy and other treatments designed to relieve pain and restore function. The goal is always to help you heal more completely and more quickly.

Whiplash injuries are common, but there is no need for them to rob you of your ability to live a pain-free life. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help eliminate your neck pain.

Chronic back and neck pain are among the most common musculoskeletal problems treated by healthcare professionals around the world today.

This video will further acquaint you on how chiropractic care can be a very big help in many aspects of your life including poor posture which leads to an epidemic of back pain.

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Are you feeling tired? Are you having enough sleep? Or maybe your calendar is too overwhelming that you cannot even have time to relax, sit and drink a cup of tea because your busyness is eating up your lifestyle. Identifying keystone habits that will help you reach your goals is not always straightforward, but working with a chiropractor can help.

This video below will further acquaint you on how chiropractic care can be a very big help in many aspects of your life including to your keystone habits. Watch the video and learn more about this.

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Why settle for taking over-the-counter medications and spending a lot of money for different kinds of surgery when you can have an effective yet inexpensive way to treat your body pain with the help of a chiropractor? The video below will explain to you how chiropractic care will help you treat any type of various pains in a safe and inexpensive way.

Watch the video and learn more about Pain Management Clinics and how chiropractors can help you!


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If you have issues with back pain or other problems that have led you to consult with chiropractors, you may already be aware that there are multiple specialized schools of practice within the discipline. One of these is the NUCCA chiropractic method, a treatment system that focuses on misalignment in the vertebrae at the very top of the spinal column. Here’s how it works.

The Focus Of NUCCA Therapy

A NUCCA chiropractor is primarily concerned with the position of the atlas and axis vertebrae (C1 and C2) which connect the skull to the spine. The theory driving the practice is that very minor misalignments here — usually caused by improper head poNUCCAsture — can lead to unwanted pressure on the delicate nerves of the brainstem, leading to a host of physiological problems. As the atlas and axis vertebrae are buried deep in the neck, extremely careful examination is required to detect misalignment.

Like many forms of chiropractic therapy, the overall effectiveness of the NUCCA chiropractic method is sometimes disputed. There have been clinical results which indicate it is effective at reducing high blood pressure, though. Countless patients can testify to the fact that a NUCCA adjustment helps to improve your posture and reduce pain in the neck and upper back, too.

How NUCCA Therapy Is Performed

If you choose to see a NUCCA chiropractor, the first step will be an extensive examination to look for any misalignment of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. Careful physical measurements will be used to find any discrepancies in the length of your legs or the height of your hips. (These are both indicators of potential misalignment.) The chiropractor will use a set of 3 x-rays to examine the state of your upper vertebrae directly.

When a misalignment is detected, your chiropractor will treat it with a manual adjustment similar to most other forms of chiropractic therapy. This specialized adjustment is often called the NUCCA Correction. Unlike some adjustments, it requires minimal force, and patients who go through it usually report no pain or soreness. The NUCCA correction does not involve “popping” or “cracking” any joints.

Chiropractic medicine is a system of treatment with a long and rich history. There has been more than enough time for specialized sub-types of treatment to emerge, and the NUCCA method is one of the most well-known. Practiced for almost 50 years, NUCCA treatment has become an effective tool for correcting hard-to-treat problems with the upper vertebrae.

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