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Las Vegas Chiropractors Devin Luzod and Daniel Hecker use the NUCCA Chiropractic Method and other chiropractic approaches to help treat patients with headaches and migraines, low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, disc herniations, carpal tunnel and many other painful or chronic health conditions. Other natural remedies used by our Las Vegas Chiropractors include Low Level Laser Therapy. While we utilize the NUCCA Chiropractic method our Chiropractors use all available chiropractic methods.

Community and Workplace Wellness Programs - Our doctors are also committed to teaching wellness through events that stimulate, educate and motivate the audience to take responsibility for their health, and also create victories in their pursuit of a better life. Schedule one of our doctors to start a 'wellness revolution' in your group or business, no matter how big or small. These services are also offered to police and fire departments and the school district. Our events include lunch and learns with topics such as stress relief, better sleep and preventive health care measures, as well as participation in company-wide health fairs or on-site personal stress analysis. For more information call the office closest to you or visit today!

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